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"Molly" Laura Cushman CMT

"I have received numerous massages from Molly and couldn’t be more pleased. I have an injured shoulder and she knows how to work around and on the injury as to not cause further damage; but instead actually makes it feel much better after treatment. I receive The Golden Path and Jin Shin from her and it’s like nothing else. I find I sleep better after a treatment and wake feeling like my shoulders have dropped 6 inches! I’m hooked!!"
~Susan K., Petaluma

“I went to Molly in hopes that she could help with an inner ear/dizziness issue I had been having for over a year.  I had never experienced a Jin Shin Jyutsu session before and was not sure if it would work for me, but Molly’s gentle touch and intuitive nature was a perfect fit. I was amazed as not only did my dizziness clear up but my energy level was markedly better.  I plan on coming back for treatment on a regular basis to keep my body fine tuned!”
~Sheila G., Petaluma

"Molly is an amazing massage therapist.  As a very active mom who regularly plays tennis and works out, I put my body through the paces and have the aches and pains to prove it.  Molly not only works out the spots that hurt, but finds others affecting me that I didn’t know were there. After my massage, I feel so relaxed and ready to get on with my busy day.    Thanks Molly!"
~Ann L., Petaluma

“What can I say? Jin Shin Jyutstu is amazing! I have had some recent and very serious medical problems. The healing process would have been a lot longer and much more painful without Molly’s Jin Shin Sessions, Would I recommend it? Yes, and whats more, you will walk away feeling better than you have in years!”
~Thom H., Petaluma, CA
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